Senin, 24 Desember 2012

deluniq :simple dresses

 a simple dresses with feminine silhouettes. with exclusive tailored..
IDR from 200.000

deluniq : Luila Necklace

For accessories focus on necklaces with a lot of roses aplication, there are headpiece/hairclip & brooch too.
for order :
phone : +62 856 2436 1937
IDR from 90.000

deluniq :kaftans handmade

lot of kaftans collection with handmade aplication, and pastel color. There’s a short-mid-long kaftans and also custom for children.  for order : +62 856-2436-1937 price from IDR 270.000

logo 'deluniq

*Signatures: chic, sweet, elegance..

*Trademark Piece: roses/roundness aplication. I also use those patterns aplication for kaftans, necklaces, headpieces..

*Ideal Client : confident, dare to be different, love beauty-pretty things, & likes to be center of attention

*Brand Philosophy:
Accentuate the detail of craftmanship & feminine look, almost using surface design/fabric manipulation and combine it with a simple & classic silhouettes, to create a wearable products that enhance the beautiful look for everywoman.

deluniq designer

deluniq is a brand based in Bandung Indonesia, created by Metia ramadhania, a textile and fashion designer, graduated from Art & Design (Craft & Textiles)ITB in 2010. She was one of Top twenty  "Econic Fashion Design Competition" in 2011 and also ‘Indonesia fashion week-ready to wear competition’ top twenty finalist in earlier 2012. she first launched her collection ‘kaftan collection, in june 2011, and developing it with ‘Luila Necklace for accessories product in earlier 2012.